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At Quiborax we are convinced that sustainable mining is possible

As part of our commitment to caring for the environment, at Quiborax we carry out concrete actions to take care of our environment and promote its natural development, prevent any impact from our industry and manage our waste with high standards.



of the high

Andean flamingo

Since 1999, Quiborax has implemented one of the oldest ecological monitoring systems at height in Chile in the Salar de Surire. This program, carried out in partnership with CONAF (National Forestry Corporation, an entity dependent on the Ministry of Agriculture whose main task is to administer Chile's forestry policy and promote the development of the sector), allows us to know the composition, status and abundance of this ecosystem, including lagoons, springs, hot springs, flora and fauna and with special emphasis on the population of the three species of flamingos that inhabit the salar. Thanks to this permanent and systematic research, the company has been able to closely study the species in the area and thus ensure their normal development.


Quiborax is also part of the High Andean Flamenco Conservation Plan (made up of Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina), the Simultaneous Census of Flamingos, the Lauca Biosphere Reserve Commission and the advisory councils for the protection of the Monument Salar de Surire National Reserve and Las Vicuñas National Reserve, all under the direction of CONAF (National Forestry Corporation).

Monitoring of riparian vegetation and water sources

We carry out a quarterly survey of the endemic plant and invertebrate species of the Salar de Surire in order to monitor their status and ensure the conservation of this ecosystem. This work is in charge of the Center for Applied Ecology (CEA).

We also monitor the water sources that feed the salt flat and that are essential for the balance of this area of biodiversity.


Committed to renewable energies

Since 2013 and through a pioneering and strategic alliance with Engie, Quiborax has had a non-conventional renewable energy generation plant at its facilities that allows 22% of the supply needed for its Chemical Plant to come from solar energy from the El Águila photovoltaic park. With a joint investment of US $ 7 million, the energy generated in this plant, which has more than eight thousand photovoltaic panels, is equivalent to reducing CO2 emissions by 4,000 tons per year or the equivalent of the emissions of approximately 1,700 cars per year.

Waste management

An essential part of our commitment to sustainability is the proper management of our waste. That is why we have management plans and the corresponding authorizations for their management, which are only available in the places established by the authority. We also have a complete registration and monitoring of each of our waste in order to monitor its traceability from its origin to its final disposal.

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