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True development is only
possible if it is shared

True development is only possible if it is shared.

That is why we work hand in hand with the communities around our operations. We do it by facilitating development and entrepreneurship opportunities; collaborating in the solution of local issues and prioritizing the hiring of suppliers and collaborators from the communes where we operate. At Quiborax we care that the highest percentage of our workers are from the regions where we are present

Social Commitment

To identify and evaluate the environmental effects of the activities, products and services of QUIBORAX S.A., not only today but also in the future. Identify and evaluate the environmental effects caused by incidents, accidents and emergency situations. To compile and apply the current Environmental regulations corresponding to QUIBORAX S.A. To enable the adoption of priorities and the definition of the environmental objectives and goals of QUIBORAX S.A. To plan, control, supervise, audit and review to ensure compliance with the Environmental policy of QUIBORAX S.A.

Strategic allies

Quiborax's main mineral transportation provider is the families of the Chilean highlands, who provide logistical support to bring products from our plants to the ports of Arica, Antofagasta, Angamos and Mejillones.

True strategic allies, the communities have a fleet of licensed trucks with the necessary permits to provide this service.

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In Quiborax we owe ourselves
to our people

The growth and development of the company has been possible thanks to the work and dedication of an exceptional human team, highly trained and with a lot of experience. At Quiborax we are committed to their safety, well-being and professional development

the wealth of an intergenerational team

We believe in the value of experience and in the energy and creativity of the new generations. That is why our team of more than 500 collaborators brings together talents with diverse backgrounds that enrich our organization.

to the incorporation of woman into

In Quiborax we signed an agreement with the Regional Ministerial Secretary for Women and Equity of the Arica and Parinacota region, which contributes to our commitment to continue integrating women in our productive activity.

an inclusive

We promote equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity. That is why we work to incorporate the talent of professionals with different abilities into our teams, providing them with the spaces and conditions that allow them to develop their maximum potential.

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Innovation is an essential part of our business

All our facilities and processes have been designed in Chile by a company team specially dedicated to this task.

Our Research and Development Department is constantly studying new technologies, promoting efficiencies and developing product lines that allow us to respond efficiently and agilely to the needs of our clients in a highly demanding market

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